Nsure N'save Texas Essential Policy

Nsure N’save Texas Essential Policy

(Meets Texas Minimum Requirements )


Auto Texas Liability Policies

Available 1, 3, or 6 and now up to 12 Month Policies


· $30k protection on bodily injury for one person per accident.

· $60k protection on bodily injury for all persons per accident.

· $25k protection of property damage per accident.

· Higher limits are available up to $100k of bodily injury and property damage protection

Additional Available Options

· Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist (UM/UIM) Coverage

-Provides coverage in cases where the other driver does not have insurance or has too little

insurance or in cases of a hit and run accident.

-Offers the same limits as liability coverage.

-**Property damage has a deductible of $250.

· BI and PD portion can be purchased together or separately.

-If the insured elects to reject UM or UIM coverage, a rejection for both the BI and PD portion must be signed

or the coverage will be added to the policy and the applicable premium will be retroactively charged.

· Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Coverage

-Provides coverage, regardless of fault, for necessary medical/funeral expenses and reasonable loss

of income up to the limits afforded under the policy.

-Limit is $2,500 for each covered person per accident.

Roadside Assistance

(Available for 6 Month Policies)

· (1) Towing Assistance, (2) Battery Service, (3) Flat Tire Assistance (4) Lock-Out Assistance,

(5) Emergency Fluid Delivery Service by calling this toll free number

· Discounts in nationwide branded hotels and car rentals

· Benefits are available to all named on the insurance policy for the covered vehicles listed on the policy

· Bilingual Call center 24/7 to serve you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

· High value services at a low cost

· See more in terms and conditions

Requirements to Purchase Liability Coverage:

· Insured must disclose any current or past policies.

· Vehicle must be used for personal use only (cannot be used for Commercial or artisan purposes).

· All operators must reside and work in Texas.

· All vehicles and drivers must reside in the main insured’s household (except for listed in-state students).

· Insured must disclose all vehicle operators and household members over the age of 12.

-Vehicle cannot be regularly available to a non-listed driver.

· Insured must disclose any traffic violation or past accident that occurred in the last 3 years for all operators.

-Operators cannot have violations exceeding in house grading systems or defined point value

-Or any policy that has developed or incurred more than set point value; this includes no more than

one DWI, DUI, alcohol, or drug violation in the past 36 months.

· Vehicle must be under 40 years old. ( Older Vehicles would be considered vintage)

· Vehicle owner must be disclosed on the application.

· Vehicle must have valid US license plates.

· Vehicle cannot be owned by a corporation, business, or Government.

· Vehicle cannot be exotic, rare, vintage or used for racing